Between 3 September and 27 November 2022 MURA VIVE opens its stations on Saturdays and Sundays, two stations a day, as per the calendar and schedule you can find below.
Please note that Porta Codalunga is now part of the Torrione della Gatta station, from which the visit will start.

Inside Porta Liviana, every day from dusk to 23:00, an environmental projection will offer a glimpse to the contents of the museum. You can still watch it when the gates are closed.

The stations of Mura Vive:

Porta Savonarola

Porta Liviana (Pontecorvo)

Torrione Alicorno

Porta Codalunga

Torrione della Gatta (opening end of April 2022)

Castelnuovo (opening once restoration works are completed)

Bastione Impossibile (opening 2023, once restoration works are completed)


MURA VIVE is open from April to July and from September to November in the morning and in the afternoon on weekends. The museum is closed from December to March.

FALL 2022

Opening days
- Porta Savonarola and Torrione della Gatta (+ Porta Codalunga*):
3, 11, 17, 25 September, 1, 9, 15, 23, 29 October, 6, 12, 20, 26 November
- Torrione Alicorno and Porta Liviana:
4, 10, 18, 24 September, 2, 8, 16, 22, 30 October, 5, 13, 19, 27 November

* The visit to the Porta Codalunga station starts from the Torrione della Gatta station.

Opening hours (valid for all stazions)
September - Saturdays and Sundays, 9:30 / 12:30** and 15:30 / 18:30**
October      - Saturdays and Sundays, 9:30 / 12:30** and 15:00 / 18:00**
November - Saturdays and Sundays, 9:30 / 12:30** and 14:30 / 17:30**

** At Torrione Alicorno last admission 45 minutes before closure,
at Porta Savonarola and Torrione della Gatta last admission 30 minutes before closure.

Midweek openings on request for schools, associations and organized groups.

Admission is free of charge, but a contribution to support the costs of the project is requested and appreciated (suggested contribution € 5.00/10.00 per adult. Young people, children and families according to conscience and possibilities). One contribution gives access to all the stations.

The MURA VIVE project is made possible by the contributions of the Comune di Padova and the Fondazione Cariparo, but these contributions only partially cover the costs of the structure and its management.



For Porta Savonarola, Torrione Alicorno and Torrione della Gatta reservation is recommended.
Reservation is required for groups of more than five people.

Clicking the links below you will be redirected to the Eventbrite reservation system. You will be asked to register, giving just your name, surname and email address. Then you will choose date and time of visit and number of tickets needed.

Reservation is free of charge and must be done separately for each station.

If you book more than one station, please make sure you calculate the times, considering the distance between the stations and the time required to visit the location with the guide of the mobile app (approximately 20/30 minutes at Porta Savonarola and 30/40 at Torrione Alicorno).
The stations at Torrione della Gatta and Porta Codalunga are very close to each other: we suggest visiting them together (total time required about one and a half hour).

Reservation is valid until 10 minutes before the scheduled time.




For the Porta Liviana and Porta Codalunga stations, reservation is NOT required.


There are three different modes of use, independent one from the others, but complementary:

• Historical environmental narratives , projected directly on the walls inside the casemates and the gates, lasting 20/25 minutes (currently scheduled in the stations of Porta Savonarola, Torrione Alicorno and, in a reduced form, Porta Liviana). More details on the info pages of each station.

• Educational in-depth videos lasting between 3 and 8 minutes, in variable numbers for each station. The workstations are located at the beginning or at the end of the visit path, depending on the stations.

• A mobile app to assist the visit, to be downloaded to your device using a QR code before the start of the visit and to be used at the end of the environmental projection, where present, to visit the interior and, once exiting, to continue the visit outside each gate or bastion.

In addition, at the Porta Codalunga station you will be able to see the gate that no longer exists "in its place" thanks to augmented reality, on tablets that will be available asking to the Mura Vive volunteers.

For more information about the specific characteristics of each station, please refer to the relevant description, accessible from the index above or from the WHERE IT IS page.


Foreign visitors
English dubbing on headphones is provided for the narrative installations. Headphones are available free of charge at the reception desk.
Educational videos are captioned in English, and the mobile app offers choice between Italian and English.

Hearing impaired visitors
Dubbing in sign language (Italian version only) is available, on tablets supplied by Mura Vive free of charge. Please ask the reception desk.

The MURA VIVE stations do not present any particular access difficulties, but all visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes, avoiding in particular shoes and sandals with high heels, and to have on hand a jacket or pullover when visiting the bastions, as they may be fairly cool even in the summer. In any case, it is recommended that any specific difficulties be reported in advance to the staff, who will be able to indicate the appropriate precautions.

Disabled visitors
All the premises are accessible to wheelchairs for the disabled, with some limitations that do not affect the quality and completeness of the visit.
At Torrione Alicorno two of the casemates have non-stabilized gravel flooring and this could make it difficult to move autonomously: it is therefore advisable to be accompanied by a person who can provide the necessary help.
The MURA VIVE staff will be available to make the visit as smooth and complete as possible.

Covid-19 health restrictions
All anti Covid-19 health provisions in force at the time of the visit will be respected. Visitors are in turn invited to respect them scrupulously and to avoid creating problems for the staff.

Pets are not allowed.

The mura vive staff

The staff of MURA VIVE is entirely made up of VOLUNTEERS, who lend their time for free: we invite visitors to keep this in mind, following their instructions and collaborating with them, especially in case of problems or difficulties.
Without the contribution of volunteers, a complex and articulated structure such as MURA VIVE would have unsustainable management costs. If it exists, it is thanks to them.


Anyone interested in contributing to the MURA VIVE project as a volunteer
may contact the secretary by writing to